Weah’s Decaying Hegemony Drowns in Patronage– Triggering an Advanced Bullet to Warn Managing Director C Mike Doryen of FDA – Part 1

By Martin K. N. Kolie, Youth Activist | Martinkerkula1989@yahoo.com|

FDA Managing Director C. Mike Doryen

Glancing through my window with watering eyes in 2017, I witnessed our democracy giving birth to a premature offspring (CDC government) that was poised to gatecrash our collective future and destiny. Before such nightmare could becloud our nation, I advised two reasonable options for consideration which could have possibly prevented the delivery of this premature progeny (CDC government):

Without any form of consciousness to incubate or gestate this preemie (CDC), our democracy became so vulnerable to irreversible peril for the first time since 1847. Of course from the very beginning, I knew that the outcome would have become disastrous. It is therefore not surprising that after 18 months under CDC and GMW, this scientific prediction has proven cogent and precise.

Those who voted “Change for Hope” have egregiously ushered us into a gloomy era of untold suffering, excruciating hardship and increased hopelessness. Along with Weah himself, the predecessor of George M. Weah takes greater responsibility for imposing this clueless new ruling clique on us. But history has vindicated all of us who warned against giving birth to this premature offspring.

It is becoming clearer by the day (and here I agree with Prof. Alaric Tokpa) that the CDC-led government under footballing president George M. Weah will crumble under its own weight. The load is already overweighing them. Civil servants are yet to take pay for almost 4 months – Inflation is almost 30 percent – Local currency has depreciated by 23.3 percent – There has been zero foreign direct investment – Hardship has tripled – Unemployment is at an all-time high.

Worst of all, greed and corruption are on an industrious scale. The Sycamore Tree is withering so fast. The mantra “Change for Hope” has become “Change for Crooks”. The masses have lost hope and have become more miserable. Even West Pointers are rising up in protest against a once “popular” and “much-admired” president.

The “Country Giant” can hardly fill SKD Complex and CDC Headquarters with his supporters. The dynamics have changed just in 18 months. In my opinion, this equation best suits CDC-led government: Gross Incompetence + Arrogance + Greed + Blame Shifting + Mediocrity + Bigotry × Corruption = Massive Failure.

The latest news headlines from Yahoo News and CNN have made ex-Soccer Star George M. Weah even more unpopular and created a daunting cloud over Liberia’s investment climate.

August 14, 2019 Yahoo News Headline “Graft fears as Liberia civil servants go unpaid”.

June 7, 2019 CNN Headline “Social media blocked as Liberians protest corruption and creeping dictatorship”.

Both local and international odds are against Mr. Weah’s government. Amidst these internal and external contradictions, what is even more intriguing and sickening is the fact that he (Mr. Weah) has surrounded himself with sycophantic “loyalists”, “publicists” and “partisans” who are mostly incompetent and unqualified. Performance in public service is at an all-time low as the composition of Mr. Weah’s government reflects the following:

The Qualified / Competent = 5%

The Technocrats = 5%

The Self-styled Theoreticians = 3%

The Incompetent, Unqualified and Arrogant = 63%

Recycled Politicians, Economic Thieves, Warlords and Wealth-seekers = 17%

The Carpetbaggers, Facebookers, Sycophants and Bootlickers = 7%

Amidst these gaffes and mishaps, no genuine step is being taken to cure this wound. This malady continues to worsen. One agency that continues to underperform is the Forestry Development Authority (FDA). The Managing Director of FDA, C. Mike Doryen, who spends all day on Facebook can better be found in categories 4 and 6 of the composition in Weah’s government. In my view, gross incompetence is the highest qualification required to serve in Weah’s kakistocracy. Just be a partisan of CDC – a praise-singer and a sycophantic one too!

Warning Shot To FDA Managing Director C Mike Doryen

FDA, a once functional and productive agency has become lifeless and infertile under partisan C. Mike Doryen. The entire forestry sector is producing far less than its potential capacity. C. Mike Doryen is unfit and ill-knowledgeable about managing Liberia’s 4.2 million hectare of forestland which constitutes 43.3 percent of Liberia’s overall land area. Doryen is unfit to make any real difference due to these reasons:

  1. Mike Doryen who often uses his pitiful undergraduate degree in Forestry from UL to praise-sing Weah on Facebook rather than concentrating on his work is unqualified and incompetent to serve. This places him far below almost all his foreign counterparts. For instance, the Executive Director of the Forestry Commission of Ghana, Raphael Yeboah, holds an M.Sc in Forest Management from the University of Aberdeen, B.Sc in National Resource Management and Policy from KNUST, BPP in Law from Northumbria University, and LLB in Law from Ghana Law School.

The continuous abuse of our forest resources and the gross violation of our forest laws are proofs that C. Mike Doryen is a complete novice to key Laws, Protocols and Procedures governing the Forestry, National Resource and Environmental Sector of Liberia, West Africa and Africa as indicated below:

The 2000 Forestry Law of Liberia and Executive Order No.

The 2003 Act Protecting Forest Areas

The 2006 Act Adopting The National Forestry Reform Law

The 2007 FDA Ten Core Regulations

The 2009 Act Establishing Community Rights Law and Respect for Forest Lands

The 2009 Regulation on Environmental Impact Assessment

The 2011 Forestry Development Authority Regulations

The 2015 FDA Document on National Forests Classification, Acreages, Location and Utilization.

Under C. Mike Doryen, the annual budget of FDA has consistently declined. In 2017/2018 under Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, FDA had a budget of US$4,841,645. In 2018/2019 under George M. Weah with C. Mike Doryen as MD, FDA had a budget of US$3,721,656. For this new fiscal year 2019/2020, FDA under this Facebook Managing Director has a US$3,254,647 – a decline or reduction of US$467,009. Even though 10 percent of our country’s GDP constitutes forestry, the entire Forestry Sector seems barren under this MD who has specialty in idolizing Weah.

  1. Mike Doryen is corrupt and nepotistic. Currently, he operates a logging company in Compound 4, Grand Bassa County. The name of his company is Renaissance Inc. and it is managed by Aaron George, Jr. alias Stray. Instead of buying logs/timbers, they are cutting down logs in Compound 4 which violates the very Law C. Mike Doryen should be protecting. Is this not conflict of interest to be MD of FDA and at the same time own a logging company? Of course, it is and such clandestine pursuit violates Section 1.3 Subsection 6 of the 2014 CoC Law.

Besides violating The Law, he is issuing licenses and permission to bogus logging companies to cut down logs. Obviously then, these are the very same people that are undermining the Weah-led government while pretending to love Forky Klon Jlateh. So Gbekugbeh is in real TROUBLE!

Since ascending as MD of FDA, C. Mike Doryen cannot even boast of attracting US$10m foreign investment and/or aid. Under EJS, FDA attracted US$150m (£91.4m) Assistance from Norway to prevent deforestation by 2020. In other words, stop cutting your trees and plant new ones in exchange for US$150m.

Employees at FDA received their wages/salaries in time for 12 years under EJS. Sadly, under C. Mike Doryen, employees at FDA are yet to be paid for almost 3 months now. One employee of FDA who prefers anonymity said to me via my Facebook inbox, “We are yet to take pay for 3 months. C-Mike cannot run FDA. He lacks vision and those basic managerial/professional abilities to transform FDA and the Forestry Sector. He is empowering family members and friends, and his relationship with staffers is poor. I will share more information with you.”

  1. Mike Doryen cannot show any concrete plan or realistic policy framework that his leadership has developed or engendered to impact FDD and our Forestry Sector, especially in terms of enforcing Laws, strengthening institutional capacity, enhancing conservation, protecting the environment and forest resources.

Giving the above reasons, the fundamental question that I would like to ask is this: Is it the likes of C. Mike Doryen that the Weah government should rely on to survive? “AWAH”!

A professional Liberian journalist, Moses R. Quollin Jr. of the Liberia Forest Media Watch (LFMW) wrote this about C. Mike Doryen on Facebook, “I continuously do regular follow-ups at FDA on forest-related issues, investigations and reports but it will interest you to know that even the press and public affairs department of FDA is dormant. Sources confided in me that C. Mike Doryen doesn’t properly relate to his colleagues and staffs. He often dodges my inquiries, live talk-show appearances, and news interviews with Radio Maria”.

  1. Mike Doryen is one of the many FRAUDS and NONENTITIES in Weah’s hegemony. No wonder why he was provoked when I asked him this simple question as a tax-paying citizen “What impact have you made to transform FDA and our Forestry Sector?” Immersed in arrogance and bigotry, his response to my question was “You need to complete your undergraduate courses at UL. My 21-year-old son is pursuing his master’s degree”.

What does the question I asked have to do with my educational status or his 21-year-old son? For C. Mike Doryen, education is merely the number of papers (degrees) one has or obtains! C. Mike is one of those who often calls me a “Freshman Student”. In response to C. Mike Doryen’s loaded lies about my academic status, Part 1 of this brief analysis of his poor output at FDA aroused.

The takeaway from my analysis is that the nation under CDC has no future with someone like C. Mike Doryen leading FDA and our Forestry Sector as a whole. I am further investigating C. Mike Doryen in order to release more facts in Part 2.

About The Author: Martin K. N. Kollie is a Liberian youth and student activist, an emerging economist, and a columnist who hails from Bong County. You can reach Kollie via martinkerkula1989@yahoo.com

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