Weah Makes Another One Term History; World Best, European Best, African Best, One Term Senator, And Now One Term President

The Liberian leader, President George Manneh Weah has climaxed his ‘One Term Assignment’ after serving series of terms including World Best, European Best, African Best, and a one term Senator, has now finally ended his one term on the presidency of Africa’s oldest independent country, Liberia.

The Liberian leader nightmare gave birth when he was defeated by the former Liberian Vice President, and lead opposition candidate, the Unity Party in the just ended presidential elections, Ambassador Joseph Nyumah Boakai who defeated the incumbent, President George Weah..

The National Elections Commission of Liberia announced that Boakai of the Unity Party pulled over 800,000 votes in a fiercely contested election against George Weah, a former footballer and the candidate representing the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change. Both candidates had campaigned tirelessly, crisscrossing the nation and connecting with the people on various issues that were close to their hearts.

As the votes were counted across the country, it became evident that the race was incredibly close. The National Elections Commission (NEC) announced the preliminary results, revealing that Boakai had obtained 814,212 votes, which accounted for 50.89% of the total votes cast. On the other hand, Weah garnered 785,778 votes, constituting 49.11% of the votes. The margin between the two candidates was razor-thin, with just a difference of 28,434 votes.

However, there were still 24 polling places in Grand Kru, Weah’s home county, and one polling place in Nimba that had not yet reported their results. NEC said there were reports of fraud and would repolling the 25 polling places.

NEC’s pronouncement puts Boakai automatically made Boakai the winner in the runoff elections. The electoral process was conducted mostly with transparency and integrity, reflecting the nation’s commitment to democracy.

The votes from the additional 25 polling places would not significantly change the overall outcome. Boakai maintained his lead, securing his victory in the presidential runoff elections. With the final results, Boakai emerged as the winner, having garnered 814,212 votes, equaling 50.89% of the total votes cast. Weah, despite his valiant efforts, fell short with 785,778 votes, accounting for 49.11% of the votes.

As the news spread across the nation, jubilation erupted among Boakai’s supporters. They celebrated in the streets, waving flags, singing songs, and expressing their hope for a brighter future under their chosen leader.

Boakai, known for his experience and steady leadership, was home receiving party fateful. President George Weah has not conceded defeat yet.

The peaceful transition of power from the ruling party to the opposition marked a significant milestone in Liberia’s democratic journey. The Liberian people had demonstrated their commitment to democracy

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