The Weah-led Regime Shows Early Signs of Clampdown Due to the Lack of Policy Direction

‘My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.’ Without knowledge ignorance reigns’

When political power is given to tabulae rasae and political jesters, the tendency to misuse such power through the selective elimination and arrest of critics of the ruling establishment are hatched in full swing. Such reprisal actions of the government against its critics have been used by decadent regimes to purge ‘voices of protest.’ A government with no strategic focus is always nervous about criticism from either the public or political opponents.

Previous regimes in Liberia have a well-documented history of a state-sponsored clampdown against political opponents and citizens who were critical.  During the height of those implacable tyrannies, the political pluralism which is guaranteed under the aegis of the republic’s constitution was ignored by violent regimes that governed this state. The scars of that sad past still haunt the republic and it is one of the reasons for her backwardness.

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