“We should not Protest Against Bea Mountain Again” -Says Mohammed Darami

Mohammed Darami, Liberia Representative to Mano River Youth Parliament who was one of those who stood strong to see a review of Bea Mountain’s Mineral Development Agreement (MDA) has promised and also called on citizens never to protest against the Company as such, action since the reason protested has been achieved.

Speaking in Tahn, Gola Konneh district in Grand Cape Mount County when Senator Simion Taylor took the Bea Mountain draft amended MDA   for citizens to have their input, to  the new law, Mr. Darami said he has been concerned about what goes to the community as their benefits for using their land and extracting the resources.

He raised concerns if the document was carried for citizens of the county to have their input and if their views will be placed in the final document.

After making those points, he said, “Today, the young people of Cape Mount, this day, should be the last day of protest. The last day you have ever protested against Bea Mountain.”

He continued, “From this day, I can assure you people of Cape Mount that, I Mohammed Darime will not witness any protest again for Bea Mountain.”

According to him, he and others were into protestation because the agreement was not revisited and since the process is on, he sees no reason to go on with the protest.

Simion Taylor is Grand Cape Mount County Senator who for the first time as leader of that county has taken an instrument for citizens’ views to make a case before members of the Liberian Senate.

Senator Taylor was praised by chiefs and elders of Grand Cape Mount for the courage to seek their views in the lawmaker process.

Taylor during the town hall meeting told citizens that they stand to benefit more from the second agreement when ratified.

She said the county will get additional benefits including 850, 000.00 United States Dollars, 2$ land rental fees, 10% undiluted royalty among others.

Although the citizens were informed about the 850, 000.00 as their benefit they told the lawmaker to lobby for said amount to be increased to 1 million United States Dollars per year.

The Cape Mount Senator said, “What came out from this meeting today, the people are saying that the Social Development Fund of 250, 000.00 should be raised up to 1 million dollars.”

“I think it is a hard negotiation I think we need to do it in the interest of our people,” he said.

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