‘We Are Force To Join CDC Or Be Ready For Dismissal’ – Chiefs In River Gee Explain

Representative Francis Saidy Dopoh (UP, District #3, River Gee County)

According to GNN Correspondent in River Gee County, specifically in electoral district # 3 Chiefs in the area are alleging that they are been compelled to join the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) or be prepared to face dismissal in the CDC-led Government.

Our Correspondent quoting one of the Paramount Chiefs only identified as Johnson Toe said they have been instructed to inform all their workers to register with the ruling party as members, this our Correspondent said have been resisted by some of the local chiefs who have informed their legislature of such development from the central government.

This information was confirmed by River Gee electoral district # 3, Representative Francis Saidy Dopoe, that indeed he has been informed that chiefs in the County have been threatened with dismissal of they refuse to join the ruling Party.

“My people rights are been violated by this government by forcing them against their will, I have decided to bring this to the attention of the Plenary,” Representative Dopoe speaking on a local radio talk show on Monday morning, September 21, 2020 said.

Speaking further via mobile phone from the County, our Correspondent said several local chiefs are wearied over this latest development on their dismissal if they refused to be registered as members of the ruling CDC, noting that some of the chiefs who refused to be named said they are members of other political parties, and they will not be moved to abandon their parties because of job creation.

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