“Vote Like A Motorcyclist” – NASAPAL Urges

Philip E.P. Woods, II,

The National Safety Partnership of Liberia, NASAPAL Inc, Liberia first ever Public Safety Advocate, incorporated November 2013, which regulate the Alliance of Bikers Aimed Toward Education, ABATE of Liberia, isan American concept organization for Motorcyclists advocacy, founded as far back as 1972inthe United States of America, is borrowed to fight against all the ills Liberia motorcyclist continued to suffer.

NASAPAL INC comes from an effort that started back in 2008 by WoGeS Vehicle and Motorcycle Safety Training Services, a private sector effort that came to light when commercial motorcycle commonly called Pehn, Pehn started getting popular on Liberia streets and highways, killing about six (6) persons according to the Government of Liberia Police record daily, mainly young people, the Government at that time, including today have not make clear the solution to solve the threat of reducing Liberia human capital, but attempted to banned Pehn, Pehn importation, craft regulations that abused motorcyclists properties, restricting the Drivers movements, something that excite violence all the time.

WoGeS intent was to provide riders training, after its conducted need assessment in ten (10) of Liberia fifteen (15) Counties, saw too many problems in the road traffic sector, above just training Bike drivers. WoGeS shifted into two sections, private sector training since Government has no intent to provide sponsored training programs. One part is now transformed into a Non-Governmental Organization, NGOto disseminate Government polices to road users.

WoGeS between 2008-2010 disagreed and suggested Training the drivers Before Giving the Keys of those deadly vehicles to young people as Pehn Pehn drivers. Since 2006 till today, the National Legislature have not made any attempt known publicly to amend the old and outdated1972 vehicle and traffic laws to meet the today realities of road deathtraps, while there are modern technologies to help reduce road accidents, with new strategies to punish violators of road traffic offenses, and training for all road users to remain safe.

In view of the above, NASAPAL Inc, regulate ABATE of Liberia, members fund the Political Action Committee, titled, Liberia Bikers PAC, as its support movement, coded, “VOTE LIKE A MOTORCYCLIST” VLAM is gear towards educating Liberian Motorcyclists of their civil duty to fully participate in the social, economy and political landscape of Liberia development, by respecting their fellow Countrymen, law and order.

The motorcyclists are taught to willing raise funds to support the campaigns of Bikers friendly Aspirants and Candidates for elected Offices then to receive handout for their votes, something which have promoted so many useless people to the Legislature with no skills in making better laws to improve the living standards of Liberian youthful citizens.

NASAPAL is calling on all registered voters, passengers, dealers and supporters of motorcycle freedom nationwide to please turn out early morning on Tuesday, December 8th, 2020 to vote in their respective Counties, Decent individuals to the Liberian Senate and House of Representatives in some Counties, if this is done, NASAPAL objective to lobby for modern day legislation to incorporate the usage of Pehn Pehn and the riders freedom will be enacted, giving all road users equal access to Liberia roads, punishing the gross violators of traffic offensive.

All voters are urge to Vote like A Motorcyclists, vote expecting to get change in society with laws to provide public services for all within the borders of the Republic of Liberia, we conclude our call. Philip E.P. Woods, II, Founder

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