Video Footage Appears To Clear MANCO General Manager Of Wrong Doing

Mano Manufacturing Company (MANCO) wishes to clarify that its General Manager, Mr. Asaad Fadel did not strike a female employee causing her to loose consciousness.

In a Press release issued on Friday, June 17 2022, the management stated that its employee, Munah Davies feel off at a distance from Mr. Fadel while standing in the midst of other employees.

Close Circuit Television ( CCTV) footage released by the management shows Mr. Fadel addressing aggrieved workers when the incident occurred. The footage revealed that there was a distance between Mr. Fadel and the employee such that he could not have assaulted her.

A copy of the CCTV footage has been turned over to the Liberia National Police ( LNP), and Mr. Fadel has promised cooperation in the investigation.

In an interview with reporters on Friday, June 17, Mr. Fadel stated that he has always been a people-centered person and a humanitarian. Mr. Fadel also clarified that he is not a stranger in Liberia.

He attended the American Cooperative School ( ACS) on the old road in Monrovia, and played for the Barrolle Basketball team. He is currently the Coach of the Barrolle basketball team and vice President for Operations of the Barrolle Sports Association.

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