Venezuelans vote in parliamentary election amid deep crises

The opposition has boycotted a parliamentary election that could help Nicolas Maduro strengthen his grip on the country’s institutions. Juan Guaido is set to lose his leadership of Venezuela’s National Assembly.

Maduro has actively campaigned and held rallies, despite the coronavirus pandemic

(DW) – Polls open on Sunday in Venezuela’s parliamentary elections, in a vote that is expected to deliver President Nicolas Maduro control over the country’s legislature, the National Assembly (AN), and fully consolidate his regime’s grip on power in the country.

International observers like the EU and the Organization of American States (OAS) refused to send observers to Sunday’s election and said the conditions for a democratic process in Venezuela do not currently exist.

The country’s opposition, led by the current AN president and Maduro foe Juan Guaido, has boycotted the vote, saying it represents “a fraud.”

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