Vandalark Patricks Wants Cummings Expel, Says He Is A Dictator

Mr. Vandalark Patricks

One of Liberia’s political activists, Vandalark Patricks is calling on the leadership of the Collaborating Political Parties to proceed to expel Mr. Alexander B. Cummings and the Alternative National Congress from the CPP for intentionally, willfully, and unilaterally altering the CPP framework.

The All Liberian Party (ALP), the Alternative National Congress (ANC), the Liberty Party (LP) and the Unity Party (UP), signed the Framework Agreement (FA) thereby establishing the Collaborating Political Parties, CPP.

The FA signed on May 19, 2020, via zoom went through all of the rigorous legal and fundamental procedures ranging from validation to review and ratification by the respective Executive Committees of the four parties.

On the same day of signing the FA, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings and the ANC, in line with the CPP rotational leadership proportional tenure took over the leadership of the CPP. Five copies of the FA were signed and given to the leadership of the CPP to be notarized and each party served a copy – but accordingly, that up till today’s date, no party has received a copy of the document signed on May 19, 2020.

However, Patricks, a human rights defender, political and public policy strategist wrote on his official Facebook page, saying that If the CPP really means business, and if it is determined to fight corruption should they win the 2023 election, it will immediately proceed to EXPEL Mr. Cummings and the ANC from its collaboration.

“Despite the strong sentiments of feeling provoked, often alone, and without a choice but to fight back for their and my hard-earned reputation, and given the fact that the ANC and I did alter the Framework Agreement, but acted honorably in registering the CPP, our partisans and supporters have accepted and agreed to step back,” he said.

Patricks, who is also a management consultant at the Campaigner for Change International indicated he is extremely disappointed and overly angry that the political leader of the ANC would drag the CPP into public disorder, public disrepute, laugher, and political mockery knowing that he did alter the CPP framework.

“What is even disappointing is, he pretended to be an Angel and completely innocent when this allegation of altering the framework document was levied against him. He appeared very innocent, but only to realize he was guilty in appearance, speech, and thought.”

Patrick describes Cummings’ attitude as “Kelee” (cat), which he said undermines the tenets of democratic values and principles, and no responsible leader, who wants to be president of Liberia should do, adding, “I acted honorably” is not a justification for Cummings’ malicious and undemocratic action. Refusing to expel Cummings from the CPP is an indication that the CPP is a bunch of rogues, thieves, undemocratic elements, and dictators hiding in sheep clothing to steal their way to the presidency.

He emphasized that the CPP must act now to set precedence or else, their journey to the Executive Mansion will be a myth.

The human rights advocate further indicated that Cummings’ action represents that of an ordained liar, certified and crafty dictator.

“What prevented him from calling his colleagues to alter that document? What specific urgency did he found himself in to have acted unilaterally? Why he couldn’t call for an emergency meeting to alter this portion of the framework? Why he didn’t inform his colleagues about the alteration, but had to be caught before making this confession that he acted honorably? That’s deception, and Cummings and his bandits in the ANC should be EXPELLED very fast from the CPP,” Patricks stressed.

He continued: “I know most of you are angry right now, especially the ANC folks. I can tell. I am seeing your funny vexation faces…

“Cummings acted very wrong.”

“Cummings made us make for nothing noise here and accused the other political parties of discriminating against him, but only to realize he was a democratic ‘kelee’ (cat), who altered the framework. Shame on you for ignoring this devilish act by the ANC. Liberians are not going to elect anyone, who operates in darkness. Cummings has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he’s unfit to be a president of integrity. As for the UP, we knew long time they were unfit to lead us again. While many thought Cummings was the cleanest man in the CPP, his recent action to alter the framework, and kept very quiet, proves how deceptive he is, sad!”

Meanwhile, efforts to contact the ANC’s secretary-general Aloysius Toe to get the ANC reaction on Partck’s strong-worded statement against their political leader Cummings did not materialize as Toe’s mobile rang endlessly

Source: SNL

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