US warns there are ‘ongoing terrorist plots’ in Sri Lanka, as country’s prime minister admits several jihadists armed with explosives are still at large

By Chris Pleasance for MailOnline |

Alaina Teplitz, US ambassador to Sri Lanka, said America believes there are ongoing terrorist plots within the country

America’s ambassador to Sri Lanka says the US believes there are ‘ongoing terrorist plots’ after suicide bombings targeting Christians and tourists on Easter Sunday.

Alaina Teplitz, speaking in the capital Colombo, warned of further attacks on ‘large gatherings [and] public spaces’ adding that ‘terrorists can strike without warning.’

It comes after Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said on Tuesday that several suspects armed with explosives were still at large.

Defence Minister Ruwan Wijewardene also asked people to ‘remain vigilant’ on Wednesday morning as he admitted that the situation was not fully under control.

‘The investigation is still being conducted by our intelligence agencies, we have made a significant amount of arrests,’ he said at a press conference.

‘We have gathered a considerable amount of information about who was involved in these atrocities and about extremist elements within this country.

‘We will make further arrests over the coming days [and] we can firmly say that within the next couple of days we will have the situation under control.’

Mr Wijewardene said that, so far, 60 people have been arrested, all of whom are Sri Lankan nationals, 39 of whom are still in custody being questioned.

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