US sanctions Bosnian super-cartel drugs boss over ‘close links’ to Kinahan gang

 Niall Donald/Sunday

One of the leaders of Europe’s super-cartel was last night formally placed on a sanctions list by the US government – who cited his ties to the Kinahan Cartel.

Edin Gačanin was described as “one of the world’s most prolific drug traffickers” in the announcement by the US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

Bosnian mob boss Gačanin is the head of a Bosnian-Dutch gang – known as the Tito and Dino cartel – who are involved in smuggling cocaine from South America into Europe.

He is a close ally of Daniel Kinahan and was a guest at the Irish Mafia chief’s wedding in Dubai in 2017.

The two traffickers are both key figures in Europe’s super-cartel – a grouping of criminals who control a large part of the cocaine trade across the continent.

The sanctions placed on Gačanin by OFAC mean he will now be placed on a US blacklist and will not be able to do any business in the US or with American firms.

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Last year, the leaders of the Kinahan Cartel were added to the sanctions list and a $5 million reward for information that would lead to convictions..

In a statement, the US government last night cited Gacanin’s ties to the Kinahan Organized Crime Group.

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