US pauses $700 mn in aid to Sudan after military takeover

Source: AFP

The United States on Monday suspended $700 million in aid to Sudan after a military takeover and urged the immediate restoration of a civilian government.

“The civilian-led transitional government should be immediately restored and represents the will of the people,” State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters.

“In light of these developments, the United States is pausing assistance,” Price said.

He said the suspension concerned a $700 million package in economic support meant to assist Sudan’s democratic transition following the ouster of a dictator two years ago.

“We are pausing that full amount,” Price said.

“We are very much standing with the people of Sudan. The people of Sudan have made clear their aspirations for the continuation of transition to democracy and we will continue to support that including, if needed, by holding accountable those responsible for these anti-democratic actions.”

He also warned the military to “refrain from any violence against protesters” after three people were killed in a crackdown on demonstrators against the takeover.

Sudan’s top general, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, in a televised address said that the armed forces had rounded up government leaders who have been heading the transition to full civilian rule.

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