A handout image grab made available by the Iranian state TV, the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), shows what the TV said was a live picture of the city of Isfahan following reports of explosions heard in the province in central Iran. Picture: Iranian State TV (IRIB)/AFP via Getty Images

US Israel missile strike claims as Iran fires air defence at two sites after drones spotted

Commercial flights began diverting their routes early on Friday morning over western Iran without explanation as one semi-official news agency in the Islamic Republic claimed there had been “explosions” heard over the city of Isfahan

By Angus Howarth |

US officials have claimed an Israeli retaliatory missile has been fired, as Iran triggered air defences at a major air base and a nuclear site near the central city of Isfahan after spotting drones early on Friday morning.

Iranian state media are citing unconfirmed reports of explosions in central province of Isfahan. US officials told the BBC’s US partner CBS News a missile had been fired by Israel at Iran, following Tehran’s unprecedented drone-and-missile assault on the country earlier this week.

However, it was unclear if the country came under attack, as no Iranian official has directly acknowledged the possibility and Israel’s military did not respond to a request for comment.

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