US Embassy Clarifies Temporary Suspension Of Non-Immigrant Visas In Liberia

The United States Embassy near Monrovia has disclosed that it is temporarily suspending its non-immigrant visa operations in Liberia.

The Embassy, which did not state the length of time the temporary suspension of the non-immigrant visa would last, pointed out that the move does not reflect a change in U.S visa policy to Liberia.

The U.S Embassy in a statement issued Monday said it will reschedule all appointments through its online appointment system.

“We regret the inconvenience this temporary suspension causes to applicants. The Embassy will continue to provide American Citizen Services and limited Immigrant Visa services during this period,” the U.S. Embassy stated.

However, a Government of Liberia (GoL) delegation met with authorities of the U.S Embassy Monday to seek clarity on the matter.

Information Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe says the Liberian Government is satisfied with the explanation from the United States Government and hopes that their internal issue would be resolve expeditiously to enable the U.S give Liberian travellers full service.

The Government of Liberia through the Ministry if Foreign Affairs has assured its citizens and the general public that bilateral relationship with the government and people of the United States remains mutual to the benefit of both countries.

“The Government of Liberia regrets whatever inconveniences this temporary suspension may cause its citizens and calls on all to refrain from panicking as this measure is only temporary, “a release from the Foreign Ministry stated.

In late April this year, the Trump administration said it was considering suspending or limiting entry to the U.S. for individuals from countries with high rates of short-term visa overstays — a proposal vaguely reminiscent of the controversial travel bans President Donald Trump pursued during his first year in office.

Trump in a memo directed officials to examine new ways to minimize the number of people overstaying their business and tourist visas as part of a renewed focus on immigration as the 2020 campaign kicks into high gear.

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