US Congressional Delegation Engages Liberia’s 54th Legislature in Monrovia Talks on Partnership, and Accelerated US Assistance to Liberia

A member of the US congressional team with Liberia House of Representatives Speaker and Deputy, Dr. Chambers and Moye

(October 9, 2019) The 54th Liberian Legislature, under the stewardship of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dr. Bhofal Chambers, has played host to a 19-member United States Congressional Delegation to Liberia, under the House Democracy Partnership (HDP).

During the visit to Liberia at the Capitol Building, the US Congressional Delegation, led by Rep. David Price of North Carolina’s Fourth District, held talks with the leadership of the Legislature headed by Speaker Bhofal Chambers of the House of Representatives, in the presence of the Ambassador of the United States to Liberia, H.E. Christine A. Elder.

Rep. Price told Speaker Chambers that he and his delegation were glad to be in Liberia and pledged the his commitment  to working with the Liberian Legislature to foster greater relationship with Congress.

For his part, House Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers expressed his gratitude to the visiting Delegation of the United States Congress for their engagements with the Liberian Legislature over the years under the House Democracy Partnership (HDP).

Thereafter, a seminar session was convened in the chambers of the House of Representatives where the US Congress held talks with their Liberian counterparts on experience sharing, the enhancement of legislative democracy and other technical workings bordered lawmaking.

During the seminar session, Rep. David Price of North Carolina, who led the delegation, told the gathering that the United States Congress intents to increase their engagements with the Liberian Legislature on knowledge sharing and reciprocal visitations between the two bodies under the US Congress’ House Democracy Partnership (HDP).

Following the seminar session at the Capitol Building in Monrovia, some members of the US Congress and support staff from Washington DC, traveling along with the delegation, held separate break-up sessions with some departments and sessional heads of Liberia’s 54th Legislature, including the Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives, Public Account Committee, the Legislative Budget Office, Senate Ways and Means Committee, amongst others.

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