US begins work on Mexico border wall

Image: Reuters

(PRESS TV) – The United States has begun construction work along the US-Mexico border in southern New Mexico to replace existing barriers with a new wall.

US Customs and Border Protection officials gathered on Monday to mark the groundbreaking of the $73-million project at Santa Teresa near New Mexico’s state line with Texas.

Officers in the area, who are responsible for monitoring the sprawling desert territory that spans from West Texas to New Mexico, claim the area is an active route for migrant crossings and drug trafficking.

Meanwhile, a “caravan” traveling through Mexico and toward the US arrived in Mexico City on Monday.

The group of at least 200 Central American asylum seekers who are headed from Mexico City to the US-Mexico border said they would go on to seek US asylum.

For many members of the group, the arduous trek to the capital began days or weeks before from El Salvador, Guatemala, or Honduras.

Honduran Misael George, with his three children and his wife, said that he wanted to seek asylum in the US. He fled Honduras after a close relative was killed by a gang, and the threat spread to his family, he said. But with no proof on paper, he knew his chances for claiming asylum were slim.

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