US Based Liberian Armstrong Jargbah Raps on Importance of Investment in Agriculture Sector

By: Eldred Wlemongar Thomas | GNN Liberia Reporter |

The Chief Executive Officer of Agriculture Liberia Incorporated, a proud Liberian owned rice producer, Armstrong Jargbah says reclaiming the country’s economy remains in the hands of Liberians themselves.

Mr. Jargbah said if Liberians must take full charge of the economy, they must put aside political, religious, tribal and ethic differences and work together especially investing in the agriculture sector of the country so endowed with fertile soil.

He pointed out that Liberians must begin to recollect with positive thoughts to focus more emphasis on growing what they eat, especially the country’s staple rice.

“Whatever other countries are capable of doing, we as Liberians can also do and even do far better on the agriculture sector, Jargbah intimated”.

The Agriculture Liberia CEO in a telephone conversation with the Global News Network online, said growing food for self-sufficiency and independence in production is a vital for food security of any nation, especially Liberia.

According to him, Liberians must graduate from being always on the consumers end and instead reposition on the producer end.

Jargbah lamented that rice and other finish commodities are hugely imported from India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh which account for billions of dollars been remitted to other parts of the world.

He wants Liberians to cultivate a renewed spirit of true nationalism and patriotism by adopting, building and using a stronger cooperative partnership approach like in the case of the great United States of America for economy growth.

According to him, when this is embraced, then the sole purpose and primary objective of establishing Agriculture Liberia will be demonstrated which is to reclaim Liberia’s economy from the hands of foreigners in the business Community.

Mr. Jargbah also recounted how banks and other strategic businesses are owned and operated by foreign business tycoons, noting that monies raised are transfer to their countries of origin which has a negative impact on the country’s economy.

He believes when this happens, monies generated from businesses will remain within families and the country, unlike the Liberian situation where more investors transfer their profit back home.

“Can you imagine, our country Liberia now expend  two hundred and fifty four million dollars on rice importation alone for a population of five million people, Jargbah indicated in a sad tone”.

He admonished Liberians to forget about their personal interest and put the country at the top of every agenda by building cooperation with sound investment in the Agriculture sector to ensure food production and self-sufficiency.

He frowned on some Liberians who speak negatively about investing in their own country, while the Indians, Lebanese, Fulanis, Nigerians, Ghanaians among other nationals are making headways in terms of controlling the economy.

He recounted statements attributed to those Liberians over investment in thier citing poor climate and insecurity among others.

Jargbah used the occasion to disabused the minds of those might want to subscribe to such, adding the investment climate is conducive.

“We Liberians ourselves have the solution to the many challenges confronting our country, but continue to failed in doing what is required, Jargbah explained”.

According to him, plans are underway to increase productivity of its farming activities in 2012, while at the same time launching an appeal for support naming warehouse for storage,  tractors, rice and cassava mill and rice harvester among others.

Jargbah also mentioned the need for additional machinery to buttress the ones already there available to fast rack and boost food production.

Agriculture Liberia is a network of Liberians home and abroad and operates in Nimba county on a huge scale of locally produce highly nutritional rice that has hit the Liberian market with huge demand from the public especially businesses.

The Liberian rice producing company through its operations continues to provide jobs for hundreds of Liberians and training opportunities of more Liberian technocrats and technicians in the Agriculture sector of Liberia.

The locally produced rice is sole for ten United States dollars for 55 pounds bag is been distributed at various commercial districts including Duala and Red Light and other point of sale among others.

The company is also in the business of producing onions, pepper, okra, cabbage, tomatoes, and expected to commence production of Liberian own Mango Juice, Golden Plum Juice, and peanut butter and others.

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