Urey Refutes Weah Lobbying Campaign In U.S.

Mr. Benoni Urey

Benoni Wilfred Urey, political leader of the opposition All Liberia Party (ALP) political leader has described as complete falsehood reports of Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) launching an anti-President George Manneh Weah lobby campaign in the United States.

“Never did we ever discuss anything about anti-lobby against the government in Washington D.C. Nobody is crazy enough to bring that to any table while I’m there. The ALP and the CPP at large have never discussed it and we are not even thinking of lobbying against the government and the people of Liberia,” said Urey said over the weekend.

Addressing scores of partisans at the ALP Headquarters on the Old Road, the former CPP Chairman said they will never lobby against the Liberian people to sanction the country.

As he welcomed new partisans to the ALP, Mr. Urey indicated that his party and the CPP at large will never get involved in any anti-Weah-lobby to put sanctions on the country and any Liberian, adding that the Government of Liberia is telling a falsehood.

Last week, Mr. George Wisner whose Unity Party is a CPP constituent party, said he was part of a newly formed group that seeks to raise funds to launch a public relations campaign for CPP’s 2023 presidential and general elections bid. However, Mr. Urey, a 2017 defeated presidential candidate explained that no matter what disagreement exists among politicians here, they will never go out and pay money to lobby for sanctions against the government.

“I’m encouraging the Government of Liberia and Liberians to investigate and find out who did it and for what reason the person is doing it,” Urey urged.

He emphasized that he will never fight against his own country and people by bringing sanctions against the country. Urey also used the occasion to admonish CPP members to stop the attacks against each other, noting that a committee has been appointed to investigate the alleged alteration of the CPP framework document.

He urged CPP members to stop the Facebook attacks and insults, something he believes is not necessary but intended to cause confusion and hate among partisans

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