Gongloe Global Movement Says It Condemn Threats Against Opposition Leaders

Gibson W. Jerue, Chairman – Gongloe Global Movement

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS—August 25, 2022: We vehemently condemn and deplore the terroristic threats recently made against opposition political leaders and other Liberians who are critical of President George Manneh Weah’s administration by the rogue Representative of Montserrado County District 7, Mr. Solomon George.

Without any iota of equivocation, we strongly believe that Representative George’s threats to make some Liberians who are critical of President Weah to “disappear”, if he’s appointed Police Director, which were made in the very presence of the President, are not only reckless, disgraceful and reprehensible, but also extremely horrifying, considering the fact that since the Weah administration came to power five years ago, there has been a spike in the mysterious killings of innocent Liberians, including the murders of four leading auditors from the Liberia Revenue Authority, the unexplained deaths of the Director-General of the Internal Auditing Authority, Mr. Emmanuel Barthan Nyeswa and the nation’s eminent Peace Ambassador, Reverend William Richard Tolbert, III, among others.

We are therefore calling on the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Honorable Bhofal Chambers and the entire Liberian Legislature to immediately expel Montserrado County’s CDC-Representative Solomon George from the Legislature, for making public utterances which have the propensity of endangering the lives of our fellow compatriots, who are exercising their constitutional rights by peacefully criticizing the disappointing performance of the Weah administration. Representative George’s statements also grossly misrepresent the image and standing of the Legislature, thus distorting and besmearing its image as a deliberative body.

Speaking on August 15, 2022 during President Weah’s visit to his District 7 constituency, Representative George claimed that some Liberians were unnecessarily criticizing the President, who he claimed, was doing a marvelous job for the Liberian People. “Some of us need to disappear for good things to appear”, the CDC lawmaker ominously said, according to widespread media reports, and continued, “You can’t see somebody doing good things and then want to change the good things to bad things.”

Perhaps not satisfied with the legislative position he currently holds, or believing that the Police and the Weah security apparatus were not eliminating critics of the regime to his (George’s) satisfaction, Representative George publicly asked President Weah to appoint him as Police Director for at least six months to one year, adding, “People will disappear.”

We are even taken aback that President Weah did not immediately distance himself and his administration from Representative George’s deplorable utterances, in order to disabuse the CDC lawmaker’s seemingly troubled mind from his devilish desire to inflict grievous harm against peace-loving Liberians. Experience has shown that such a reticence and failure to lead, as appallingly displayed by President Weah on August 15, 2022 after Mr. George had made his terroristic threats, is often misconstrued as a sort of acquiescence by those bent on committing heinous crimes, or as a lesson to murder unsuspecting compatriots.

We are therefore calling on the George Weah administration, Chairman Mulbah Morlu and the leadership of the Congress for Democratic Party (CDC) to publicly condemn and disassociate themselves from Representative Solomon George’s terroristic threats, as failure to publicly reprimand Mr. George would imply that the sentiment of making people to “disappear” is prevalent within the ruling party.

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