UPDATE: ‘Unidentified’ Weapon Throw At NTA Bus Wounding Driver Jessy Bartuah Seriously

It is scaring nowadays in Liberia as lots of unusual happenings taken place at the lives innocent people, with the latest being a driver of the National Transit Authority (NTA), identified as Jessy Bartuah was seriously wounded while in the vehicle around the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change   headquarters.

According to the management of the NTA, the driver’s health condition is critical at a local hospital due to the impact being felt from the throwing of what is believed to be a grenade.

Speaking on a local radio station, OK FM, the Spokesman of the Liberia National Police, Moses Carter confirmed the incident, and disclosed that it occurred during the arrival of the CDC National Chairman, Mulbah Morlue from the United States yesterday, September 13, 2021. Carter said the police is investigating the cause of the incident, and ensured to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Also speaking on the issue, victim’s brother tearfully explained that his brother who took surgery as a result of the impact from the wound, said his brother’s condition is serious, but could not give detail as he burst into crying on the air.

However,  family member who prefers anonymity said to me, “Our brother was shot for no reason. He is in coma. He is dying. The doctor said that Jessy won’t be okay in his brain even if he recovers. They are calling us to go at JFK but we are afraid before they kill us. Martin, this country is not safe at all. What did our brother do to deserve this?”

When I posted photos of Bartuah’s blood in one of NTA’s buses yesterday, a few pro-CDC zealots again asked, “Where are his photos”? Here are his photos. He is in coma because you shot him.

The doer who shot Bartuah MUST be made to fully account. LNP, MOJ, and MoSPA are shielding him because of his proximity to higher ups. If they do not show him, we call on Liberians to stand up and demand accountability through mass protest.

Am I still lying? Guns are in the hands of thugs and ex-rebels. In fact, who gave them those guns? Our people are no longer safe and secured. They are killing “virgin girls” and extracting the private parts of women for ritualistic purposes. The regime is evil. If we, the people, do not rise up sooner than later, no one might be alive by 2023.

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