UNESCO -MRU Enforce Partnership in Enhanced Growth and Development

The United Nations Educational and Scientific Cultural Organization,(UNESCO), and the Mano River Union(MRU) have held talks on the need to sign a Memorandum Of Understanding(MOU) that will ensure that the two organizations work closely together in many areas.

The Secretary General of the MRU, Ambassador Medina Wesseh, said the MOU will address many areas of cooperation and partnership as it relates to education, ITC, peace building and further promoting democratic institutions in the MRU basin.

According to dispatch from Paris, France, Ambassador Wesseh was speaking when she held talks with UNESCO Deputy Director Mr. Getachew Engida at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.

Ambassador Wesseh emphasized that the MRU has created four centers of excellence with the School of Mines in Guinea, the Forestry Training Institute in Liberia, The ITC Center in Sierra Leone and the University of Engineering in La Cote d’Ivoire. She said these centers will help in training young men and women who will contribute positively to the development of the MRU region.

Ambassador Wesseh said the MRU sub-region has a population of over Forty-five Million people and around 9 (Nine) local languages around the border areas, the community stands a better place for peace promotion, good governance and national healing especially after several years of conflict in the community.

The UNESCO Deputy Director Mr. Engida commended Ambassador Wesseh for the commendable ideas and also pledged UNESCO unflinching support in ensuring that the programs of the MRU are implemented.

Mr. Engida praised the MRU for promoting peace and democracy in the sub-region, adding with democracy at the core of the region, all other programs will be implemented unhindered.

He assured Ambassador Wessseh that the African Department of UNESCO will take charge of the MOU preparation and ensure that it speeds up the process, so that genuine action can be matched with words in the coming months.

He said the MRU has a unique opportunity of multi-lingualism, mixed culture and a renewed sense of national building and national cohesion.

While at UNESCO, Ambassador Wesseh held talks with Madam Angela Melo, Director for Policies and Programs, Mr. Edmond Mukala, Director for African Heritage, Ms. Noeline Raonimahary, Head of Bio-sphere Reserves and Eden Adubra Head of Teachers Taskforce among others.

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