‘Unceremonious’ Departure Of Indian Community President From Liberia Raises Eyebrow

By Samuel K. Dickson |

Mr. Rohiet Suji, President Indian Community In Liberia

Recent unceremonious departure from the Country of the President of the Indian Community in Liberia, Rohit Suji continues to raise eyebrows amongst members of the community, pondering over the reason behind this unwanted action on the part of those allegedly being linked to the act.

However, according to information gathered by this news outlet, two prominent Indian nationals residing in the country are said to be the masterminds of the alleged deportation of Mr. Suji.

It has also been alleged that these two Indian nationals are doing all in their powers to regain support from members of the community in order to downplay the reason behind the unceremonious departure of the community president out of Liberia, GNN is currently investigating the two Indians who are reportedly behind this surreptitiously.

Some Indians residing in Liberia who spoke to our reporter, said the act on the part of these two individuals warrant questioning, noting that it is indeed illegal for another organization to be established without the knowledge of the entire membership of the community, stressing, that the reported named Indian nationals who are being linked is worrisome, and further undermines the current leadership of the community; it is unacceptable,” a member of the community who preferred not to be named noted.

Some of members of the community who spoke to the GNN also revealed that one of those linked once served the Indian Community as its President over the last decade, and said to be campaigning against Mr. Suji bringing him to public scorn in order to win the support of the community.

However, GNN investigation is doing all in its efforts to identify those allegedly linked to the alleged deportation of Mr. Rohit Suji from Liberia, what gave rise to such.

Investigation continues

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