UN Security Council to vote on Gaza ‘suspension of hostilities’ resolution

Text underlines critical importance of stopping hostilities to allow for delivery of humanitarian aid, UAE ambassador to UN tells The National

The UN Security Council is due to vote on Tuesday on a new resolution calling for the “urgent suspension of hostilities to allow safe and unhindered humanitarian access,” in Gaza as civilian casualties mount.

The vote comes days after the US blocked a previous resolution that would have called for a “humanitarian ceasefire” in the Palestinian enclave, where Israel continues its bombardment in retaliation for an attack by Hamas on October 7.

The latest resolution, drafted by the UAE, was introduced by Arab states after a recent vote in the General Assembly, in which the UN’s 193 members called overwhelmingly for a ceasefire, with 153 in favour, 10 against and 23 abstentions.

The text’s fate, however, remains uncertain. The US could abstain and allow the resolution to pass or it could veto the resolution as it previously did on December 9 on a text that called for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

Historically, the United States has consistently been a major supporter of Israel, both militarily and diplomatically.

Seen by The National, the draft calls for an “for the urgent suspension of hostilities to allow safe and unhindered humanitarian access, and for urgent steps towards a sustainable cessation of hostilities.”

It requests that Israel and Hamas allow aid access to the Gaza Strip – via land, sea and air routes – and set up a UN monitoring mechanism in the Gaza Strip to delver humanitarian aid.

The document also affirms support for a two-state solution and “stresses the importance of unifying the Gaza Strip with the West Bank under the Palestinian Authority”.

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