UN hires Southport manufacturer to tackle Ebola crisis

The Inciner8 team doing on-site installation in Africa

Inciner8 has landed a long-term contract with a major intergovernmental organisation to help combat the spread of the Ebola virus in parts of Africa.

Incineration specialists, Inciner8, have played a crucial role in keeping disease and infection at bay in refugee camps the world over – and have helped to minimise the spread of Ebola in Liberia by eradicating contaminated waste related to the humanitarian effort.

The company has now agreed to supply almost two-dozen incinerators of varying size and capacity as part of the UN’s commitment to safely rid hazardous, biomedical and municipal waste from affected parts of Darfur, Somalia and the Abyei Area, a more than 4,000 sqm expanse at the disputed border of North and South Sudan.

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