UL Based PROSA Announces April 14 As Match For Fire Victims

The University of Liberia campus based Progressive Students Alliance or PROSA has condemned the act of bribery by President Joseph Boakai; announces April 14 as a march for fire victims; calls out LPRC Managing Director Amos Tweh for building a gigantic condominium with taxpayers’ money

Comrades and friends; egalitarian paratroopers, adherents of Marxism-Leninism; proponents and exponents of social justice, academic freedom, and economic emancipation; exploited members of the working class; conscious students of the homeland; members of fourth estate; distinguished ladies and gentlemen;

The Avant-garde party uses this wavelength to strongly condemn the recent action by President Joseph Boakai to bribe members of the Legislature for the sinister purpose of removing the current Speaker of the House Of Representatives. It is a glaring fact that Joseph Boakai is a creeping dictator and he has embarked on a criminal venture by using monies that should be used to better the living conditions of the people for selfish political reasons. Representative Yekeh Kolubah who is the whistleblower and one of the recipients informed the public that the President through the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs has issued a cheque of 4,500 USD to a group of Representatives for the unconventional removal of the speaker.

We want to be very clear that this action is not only criminal in nature but it warrants the impeachment of the President because bribery under the penal law of our country is a crime especially when it involves the individual who occupies the nation’s highest office.  Joseph Boakai wants to undermine the democracy of the republic by becoming a domineering President.  This plot to remove the speaker who is perceived to be an opposition lawmaker is to have a speaker that will be a lame dog to the Executive Branch of Government. This action alone clearly undermines the system of checks and balances in the governance process of our country. With the visible evidence of chronic poverty that has engulfed the masses of our people, Joseph Boakai who promised to rescue the Liberian people has become an embarrassment and has proven to be a cunning and corrupt President.

Instead of focusing on the cogent issues that will address some of the harsh realities and material well-being of our people, we have a president who is only concerned about achieving his parochial interests at the detriment of the survival of our people. We hereby call on our people especially the dejected masses of our country to get prepared as the Avant-garde party will not hesitate to lead a popular campaign against any form of corruption that will countermine the existence of our people.

Additionally, the Avant-garde party uses this time to publicly announce to the Republic that April 14 is declared a ‘ March for fire victims’. The party’s attention has been drawn to the recent wave of fire disasters across the country that has claimed a total of over 70 homes and 20 deaths. We have realized that the President has been playing a very sluggish role as it relates to the fire disaster within the Republic. The masses of our people have lost their homes and some of them are still grieving the untimely demise of their loved ones while President Joseph Boakai doesn’t seem to be concerned or bothered about the fire pandemic that is ravaging the homes and lives of our people.

The party in consultation with those families that were victimized as a result of the fire disaster will organize a Long March for all fire victims to call on the attention of the Government and all humanitarian local and international organizations to ensure that urgent intervention is made in the grievous situation of our people. Some fire victims have become homeless due to the disaster. We call on all well-meaning Liberians to join the avant-garde party on April 14 to march in solidarity with the fire victims. The recent draft budget that was submitted to the Legislature clearly explains that the President cares less about tackling the fire debacle in the republic. President Boakai has allotted an infinitesimal amount to the National Fire Service Agency to run the operations of the Agency.

The squanderer-in-chief Joseph Boakai has allotted 2.2 million USD to his office for domestic travels while the National Fire Service Agency is being heavily underfunded. Our people are in tears; the republic is on fire; but the President has made no intervention to offer relief for the fire victims. The historical significance of April 14 is a history of stiff resistance in the struggle for social justice and total inclusion for the indigenous masses of our people. Within the same spirit of social justice, the avant-garde party will organize a peaceful march on April 14 for all those who have been seriously affected by the fire pandemic.

Lastly, the party wants to unearth the broad-day looting of state resources by some officials of the Unity party-led government.  Amongst the early corruption scandal in this government is the newly appointed Managing Director of LPRC Amos Tweh who took office in less than 3 months but has managed to build a condominium estimated at 250,000 USD. The Unity party through the President assured the Liberian people that corruption would have been minimized to the lowest degree under his leadership but frustratingly, the Liberian people were duped and corruption is now at its peak under this Unity Party government.

The corrupt nature of Amos Tweh must claim with immediate effect the attention of the President and Amos Tweh must give a detailed account of how he acquired the money to build his condominium. Corruption is one of the vices that erodes the development of any society, especially for a poverty-stricken nation like Liberia where the vast majority of our people are living under horrible circumstances. It is an affront and a callous disregard for the suffering of our people for a government official who should be serving the Republic with diligence and transparency to build a massive property in less than 3-months following his appointment as Managing Director of LPRC. The continuous silence of the President on matters of grave corruption scandals speaks volumes and it has the proclivity to serve as a recipe for massive looting across the government.

We want to vehemently inform the public that our party as a revolutionary progressive institution will not countenance or accept any unorthodox attitude emanating from government officials that will further exacerbate the already horrible existence of our people.  The bastardization of state resources by officials of the Unity party-led government must claim the attention of the international community to compel the government to institute accountability in public service.  In a country where the masses of our people don’t have access to affordable quality healthcare services, where our people don’t have access to safe drinking water, where our people have been reduced to beggars, where the prices of basic commodities are skyrocketing, we cannot condone government officials exploiting our people to enrich themselves. Very soon the party will take a radical stance against corrupt government officials and we can guarantee the Republic with the overwhelming support of the masses of our people that there will be unspecified revolutionary consequences.

In conclusion, we want to say that no revolution can achieve its objectives in the absence of an established revolutionary institution that will guide the people into history. The masses cannot lead themselves therefore the force at the core that is charged with the responsibility to lead the masses of our people into history is the revolutionary Avant-garde Progressive Students Alliance.

The statement signed by Cde. Justin W. Jallabah Jr, Secretary-General – PROSA, and approved by Cde.  Richardson J. Korboi Chairman of PROSA, noted

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