UK promises to ‘contribute’ troops to NATO if Russia invades Ukraine

New York Post – UK will send troops if Russia invades Ukraine: Boris Johnson

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Tuesday that the United Kingdom will be willing to “contribute” to necessary NATO deployments if Russia invades Ukraine, saying Moscow has put a “gun” to the head of its western neighbor.

In an address to the House of Commons, Johnson outlined his government’s response to the growing tensions, including working with US President Biden and other European allies to impose sanctions on Russia that are “heavier than anything we have done before.”

Johnson spoke one day after the US and NATO prepared to amp up their military presence in Eastern Europe and the prime minister signaled willingness to join that effort.

“The British Army leads the NATO Battlegroup in Estonia and if Russia invades Ukraine, we would look to contribute to any new NATO deployments to protect our allies in Europe,” he said.

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