YAO Noël, U.J.P.L.A Chairperson

UJPLA Expresses Dismay Over Suspension Of French Radio Media Organizations By Gabonese Authorities

Abidjan, August 27, 2023.

The Union of Journalists for  African Free Press (UJPLA, in French) has learned with dismay of the suspension by the Gabonese authorities of French Radio media organizations RFI,  France 24, and TV5, as well as internet facilities, within the context of elections for which results are expected.

Deeply committed to press freedom and the safety of journalists throughout the African continent, UJPLA condemns any action that impedes or attempt to silence the work of reporters and media organizations.

 UJPLA commends the work of civil institutions that have established mechanisms for following up and documenting possible violations of reporters’ rights.

UJPLA calls on the Government of Gabon to reverse its decision and guarantee the freedom of expression of all men and women working in the media in Gabon.

UJPLA urges all journalists currently covering the elections in Gabon to continue to exercise their profession in safety, with responsibility and professionalism.

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