UCI Rejects ‘Fabricated Video’ -Says It’s Intended To Tarnish The Entity’s Reputation

It has come to the attention of the management of United Commodities Incorporated, UCI, that a criminal minded individual has mounted a fabricated video with the intent of tarnishing the reputation of UCI.

In said video, the individual is seen with an empty bag of rice with bearing the name UCI, while he displays two bowls of rice saying the bad one is from UCI and the other one has no provenance.

UCI is hereby informing the public that the company has never brought such rice on the Liberian market and will never do such. The producer of said video who has decided to hide himself behind camera, is nothing else but an agent of destruction and fabricated lies.

“Our various kinds of rice are widely known in the country to be the best, and we will do nothing to destroy such a good reputation. If the individual who produced such cheap propaganda was sure of what he is saying, he would have come out diligently to prove what he is claiming,” the company said.

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