UAE, FAO to support rural women in Liberia

ABU DHABI, (WAM) — The UAE has initiated a project in Liberia to help rural women achieve sustainable income, food security and nutrition opportunities, as part of the UAE’s ongoing humanitarian works to empower women across the world.

For this purpose, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, MoFAIC, the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, FAO, and the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company, Masdar, have signed a cooperation agreement.

The AED14.7 million (US$4 million) project aims to support 1,500 rural women in three Liberian districts.

The project will provide women with improved and sustainable resources for the production of poultry and vegetables. It will also offer a variety of seeds for agriculture, build integrated gardens and orchards, water wells and aquifers as part of a network of solar-powered irrigation systems.

In addition, agricultural tools and advanced machines that suit local conditions will be introduced.

The agreement was signed at the MoFAIC headquarters in Abu Dhabi by Sultan Mohammed Al Shamsi, Assistant Minister for International Development Affairs at the MoFAIC; Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi, CEO of Masdar; and Dr. Roberto Ridolfi, the Assistant Director-General for Programme Support and Technical Cooperation at the FAO.

The FAO will contribute to the project by supporting intensive production of vegetables and poultry, using modern technologies and developing modern marketing plans. The project will also help the women strengthen their leadership skills and entrepreneurship. A flexible funding will enable the women working in poultry and vegetable production to cope with possible financial crises in their lives.

Masdar will set up a solar-powered power supply system for modern production of vegetables, poultry, and rice.

Al Shamsi confirmed that this tripartite agreement for the implementation of the project in Liberia would be a promising cooperation between the UAE, FAO and Masdar. This will empower and support women in Liberia, in addition to providing alternative energy, a strategic priority in the UAE’s foreign aid.

He stressed the importance of renewable energy as a key factor to promote economic self-sufficiency in regions with low growth rates. Masdar has extensive experience in this area by contributing to establish humanitarian projects in many remote areas around the world, from the Pacific Islands to North Africa and all the way to the Caribbean.

He added that this partnership would help the women access modern renewable energy technologies and develop skills that will enable them to earn long-term income for themselves and their families.

Roberto Redolvi said his organisation would support Liberia and other nations to fight hunger and poverty.


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