U.S. Sanctions, Travel Restriction And Visa Denial Set For Several Liberian Gov’t Officials Soon


U.S. President, Joe Biden

Credible information obtained by GNN from the United States has revealed that Sanctions have been prepared to be imposed on several government officials from the three branches of the CDC-led Government for their alleged failure to govern Liberia as being anticipated by the majority many of whom are drowning in abject poverty.  

According to our Washington D.C. source, the George Weah-led government has continuously failed to transform Liberia in a positive way as was initially promised by President Weah that Liberians will not be spectators in their own country, but this, according to our source has proven to the contrary as these government officials have resolved to plunder the wealth of the country.

According to our source, the United States President, Joe Biden in July will issued an executive order on Liberia in which he will call on the CDC-led Government to cooperate with the international community for the establishment of the War and Economy crime court for Liberia.

The United States President will also issue a number of long lists of individuals who have been targeted and they will suffer the U.S. Sanctions including U.S. Visa denial, travel restriction and assets freeze and two U.S. Departments including the Department of Treasury and Department of State will coordinate all of these actions.

The Department of Treasury under the Foreign Assets Control will carry out the foreign asserts freeze, while the Department of State will carry out the travel restriction and visa denial.

The list, according to the report will feature 75 individuals from the three branches of government with the most senior officials in government is expected during the month of July, 2021.

Detail will be released in our subsequent posting.

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