U.S. Links Four Liberian Banks To Fraud Scheme – Media Report

According to credible media report, the United States Government has named four Liberians banks linked to what is called ‘Fraudulent scheme’ involving cumulative US$13 Million stolen from American citizens by former Liberia Football Association (LFA) Vice President for Operations, Cassell Anthony Kuoh, now serving jail term in the United States.

According to report, the United States Department of Justice booked the Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI), Afriland First Bank Liberia Limited, Global Bank Liberia Limited and Ecobank Liberia Limited for their involvements  in the wire transfers of the stolen money.

A U.S. Diplomatic note written on February 22, 2018 delivered a supplemental request for mutual legal assistance to retain Mr. Kuo’s accounts with these four Liberian based banks, all of which received proceeds of the swindle Kuoh and conspirators perpetrated.

According to the report, the request to retrain Kuoh’s assets is to prevent their removal or dissipation and thus ensure their availability for forfeiture and repatriation to the United States Department of Justice made the request pursuant to Article 18 of the United Nations Convention against Transitional Crimes to which the United States and Liberia are parties.

The US Government stated in the request that Kuoh and others engaged in an elaborate scheme to defraud individuals in the United States of over US$13 million by falsely representing large quantities of gold and diamonds in Liberia, which they sought to ship to the United States for refinement and sale.

Detail of this report will be posted in our subsequent release.

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