U.S. Based Liberian Scholar Calls On Compatriots To Be Patient With CDC-Led Government

Mr. Benjamin M. Stanley

A United States based Liberian who recently visited his home country, Mr. Benjamin M. Stanley is calling on his fellow Liberia at home and abroad to be patient with the CDC led government of President Dr. George Manneh Weah. In a dispatched to this paper, quote Mr. Stanley as saying:

I joined the government of President Dr. George Manneh Weah, in asking all Liberian at home and abroad to be patient. “Change will happen” were is exact words. It’s a fact. That there are lot of ideas and choices been proposed but only two choices has the answer to the change that we hope for.

We as a government and people either lead change or change will control our government. He continue with his own life experiences; I have lives to see out-standing leadership, I have studied some from great political and war-time leaders to out-standing and successful leaders of other countries around the globe.


Mr. who studied Government, Management, and Conflict Resolution call on President Weah to embark on a path of change with focus on the LONG-TERM future of Liberian and create a sense of urgency on SHORT-TERM fixes in the early stages of the change process of his government, as he strive to achieve the POOR-PRO agenda in the interest of the Liberian people.

He urged the president and his cabinets to STOP making empty promises or obligating the government on what is not workable or achievable in the short-term. He continue, We all know that his government inherited complex national issues that originated from internal and external sources that can’t be solve urgently. I believed wide array of models and technique is available to help discover and implement the POOR-PRO agenda for his first six (6), years term as well as CDC continuity to vision 2035, when all Liberians irrespective of tribes, culture, or geographic locations will see and feel the impact of the POOR-PRO agenda which will transformed the lives of Liberian and create a modern state in Africa second to none.

He further stressed the need for the president to recruit some Liberian most talented and best mind both at home and abroad irrespective of partisanship. He was clear to state that during the election cycle which brought president Weah to power was not his first choice, sympathized with defeated presidential candidate Vice President Joseph N. Boakai of the Unity Party., But was glad that the Liberian people exercise their constitutional rights and the best team won and for no reason he will oppose the will of the Liberian people. He added, from where I sit if am given the opportunity to serve my people in any capacity, I will in good faith served serve to bring the change our people voted for.


When quizzed on the performances of the president and his government for the pass six(6),months, he said in order for the president to succeed it require the president to look beyond the day-to-day blind partisan loyalty and incorporate the best and brightest minds in other to build our nation. He further commanded the government of president Weah for his early gain by implementing the TACTICAL ACTION PLAN (TAP), of the POOR-PRO agenda and has move forward its STRATEGIC DIRECTION which includes but not limited to the passage of the BUDGET, and pursuit of ACCOUNTABILITY. He said the assets declaration by the president indicates a strong performance metric set forth by his government and he wish all branches of government will follow suite, despite numerous challenges he admonish the president to remain open on issues affecting the Liberian people.

Finally, he call on the president to continuously lead by examples and exercise his listening skill, be impatient with the status quo, attuned to interpersonal dynamics and be able to see the big picture, not only to debunk his critics with insults and bad-mouthing. He concluded by saying continuous success is typically require working with other non-partisan, and the general populace to achieve the POOR-PRO agenda.

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