U.S/Liberia Relations Strengthen, As President Weah Urges More Support For 2023 Elections

Photo Credit: Executive Mansion

The CDC-led Government is said to be making tremendous on the international fronts amid needless criticisms from the opposition bloc, with the most recently ended U.S./Africa Leaders’ Summit where the Liberian leader eloquently expounded over the importance of United States / Africa’s relationship.

At this all-important gathering which was colorful with the presence of invited African leaders, the Liberian leader, Dr. George Manneh Weah has urged President Joseph R. Biden and the United States government to give “maximum support to Liberia’s Elections in 2023 as a way of consolidating democracy, rule of law and enhance growth and development” in Liberia and Africa as a whole.

The President made the call when a select group of he and 5 other African leader joined President Biden at the White House in Washington D.C. to discuss elections, democracy, rule of law and development on the margins of the US-Africa Leaders’ Summit 2022.

President Weah reiterated his strong commitment to the tenets of democracy where the will of the people prevails. The President said “I have participated in a lot of elections and even when the results were not favorable, we respected the results. My administration will ensure a free, fair and transparent process in 2023 and Liberia will remain a bastion of peace, freedom, prosperity and development under our watch”.

For his part, President Biden urged the leaders in attendance to do ensure that the democratic process under their leaderships is carried out in a free, fair and transparent manner. He committed US support to the advancement of the ideals of democracy, rule of law, peace and security and development on the continent.

President Weah on December 15, 2022 join other leaders and the US President at the Leaders Forum where he made a submission to the plenary on peace and security, resource mobilization for development, youth capacity building and sustainable utilization of natural resources on the continent.

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