U.S Doctor In Liberia To Help Teach Pharmacy Students In Liberia

By: Crystal Martinez |

AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — A doctor at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in Amarillo is bringing his classroom to other countries, one of which has dealt with deadly illnesses like Ebola.

On a recent humanitarian aid trip to Liberia, Dr. Whit Walker encountered a group of pharmacy students eager to learn.

“Three pharmacy students came in and wanted to learn so I was teaching them and I said hey, we could do a lecture and we didn’t have three students we had ten students,” Dr. Walker explained.

After meeting the students and seeing their eagerness to grow in their craft, Dr. Walker spoke with his colleagues and the students in Liberia to see how he could continue his lectures.

“Is there a way we can communicate across the Atlantic ocean? We have this thing called the internet,” Dr. Walker said.

The students in Liberia are joining in an online class accompanied by Texas Tech pharmacy students and another professor.

“Students help to ask questions, help to answer questions and it’s just an hour topic discussion that we have with the Liberian students,” Jill Frost, Assistant Professor, stated.

Texas Tech students said they are excited to be part of history.

“It’s really cool just to see all the different aspects pharmacy has to offer to the health care profession, how we can impact patients’ lives,” Miranda Brewer, a third-year pharmacy student, said.

Local area students said whether it be in the panhandle or in another country, both groups are learning from each other.

“Just being able to understand the things that they do and kind of coming across a common ground is really interesting,” Steven Philip, a third-year pharmacy student, stated.

Dr. Walker said he plans on continuing the outreach program and to participate in it is no extra costs to students both in Liberia or Texas Tech.

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