Update: U.S. Court Summons Ex-Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Others

Former Liberia leader, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

The Federal District Court of Boston, Massachusetts, the United States of America has issued a summon in the civil lawsuit against Defendants, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Charles Taylor, George Weah and others to answer to several allegations leveled against them by the Plaintiffs (Rev. Mahn Coaley Krua and others)

According to Court record, a copy of which is in the possession of GNN-Liberia detailed the Case number 1:18-cv-10574-DJC and filed on March 26, 2018 signed by Robert M. Farrell, Clerk of Court of the Federal District Court of Boston titled: Summons In A Civil Action said, “A Lawsuit has been filed against you (The Defendants).

Former Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf earlier last week rubbished a report published on www.newspublictrust.com that she has been sued in a Boston Federal Court for her alleged role in perpetrating Liberia’s 14 years brutal civil war.

But See details on the Court’s website published below: https://dockets.justia.com/docket/massachusetts/madce/1:2018cv10574/197131

A report of the Court summons is also published on the website of the Peace Monitor in the United States:  https://www.pacermonitor.com/public/case/24039973/Krua_et_al_v_Sirleaf_et_al

However, in a phone interview with a local radio station this week, former President Sirleaf said she did nothing wrong during the Liberian civil war to be charged with war crimes or crimes against humanity, denying knowledge of any law suit against her in the United States.

She said she has not been served with any writ and denied any knowledge of such law suit, dismissing the reports as “all lies”.

Former President Sirleaf challenged her fellow compatriots who claim she must be held for war crimes not to sit abroad and tell lies but to bring their evidence against her back home in Liberian courts, as she’s not afraid.

But on March 23, 2018, at the Federal District Court of Boston, Pastor Torli H. Krua and Rev. Mahn C. Krua of Tappita, Nimba County are poised to file a civil lawsuit against the main perpetrators of atrocities in Liberia and those who knowingly provided material and financial support to carry out violence, torture and rape against Liberian civilians including the Krua family.

The Federal District Court of Boston in Boston, Massachusetts, USA on Monday (March 26, 2018( issued summons in a civil lawsuit against Defendants, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, International Fundraiser for the National Patriotic Front, (NPFL) and former President of the Republic of Liberia, former President Charles G. Taylor, NPFL and others.

A statement from the US Court says the Honorable Judge Denise J. Casper has been assigned to the case which bears the Civil Docket Number: 1:18-cv-10574-DJC.

In reaction to President Sirleaf’s dismissal of the filing of the law suit against her and other, the US-based Liberian human rights advocate, Rev. Torli Krua told www.newspublictrust.com Friday evening that “the truth is indeed a lawsuit has been filed in Federal Court against United States Citizens /United States Persons, including Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and summons have been issued, a judge has been assigned and those information is available on the courts’ website.”

“These individuals have time to answer to the complaints and then the law will take its course. Most Americans are unaware of the atrocities committed by politicians, the incentive of excessive salaries and benefits these aid dependent politicians enjoy at the expense of the people and the fact that they use the USA and Europe to carry out these acts. We hope that is the beginning of the end of impunity,” said Rev Krua, who serves for many years as head of the Universal Human Rights International (UHRI) based in Boston USA.

“Within 21 days after service if the summons on you (Not counting the day you receive it) – or 60 days if you are the United States or a United States Agency, or an officer or employee of the United States described in fed. See below copy of the summons:

However, according to a local online newspaper, www.newspublictrust.com, one of the sons of the former Liberian leader, has denied that his mother has been taken to court, and further rubbished the report.

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