U.S. Based Liberian Gospel Minister Appreciated, Wins Red Cross Award

Dispatch from the United States

Dr. Adventor Trye, Sr.

Dr. Adventor Trye, Sr. has been awarded as the Good Samaritan Hero of the Year 2020 by the Red Cross of America.

Dr. Trye who is a US-based Liberian minister of the Gospel and Christian Counselor, received this prestigious American Red Cross Humanitarian Award for his exemplified courage and kindness to help others in need in the community.

The Good Samaritan Hero Award is one of many awarded each year to people who make extraordinary contributions by putting their needs aside to help others in the community.

The hero award recipients are selected by a committee based on the degree to which their actions uphold the values of the American Red Cross and leave a lasting and positive impact on the residents of that particular community.

In order to celebrate their services, each year, a program is held for the honorees, but this year due the pandemic, the award was posted to each recipient.

Pastor Trye plans to make a courtesy visit to the offices of the Liberian Consul to Minnesota and other leaders to present the award as a blessing to the community.

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