Two Marshall Illegal ‘Land Sellers’ Who Sold 36-acre Of Land To President Weah Arrested

One of the illegal land sellers in Marshall, William Mongai Smith who was arrested along with brother, Emmanuel Koryor Koryor Smith

This outlet recently reported the illegal sale of 36-acre of land in Marshall to the Liberian leader, President George Manneh Weah to be used by his wife, the First Lady, Clar Weah for the construction of a modern children village in Marshall who were on the run have finally been arrested by the Liberia National Police and are presently behind bars.

The two arrested by the police early this morning in Marshall include William Morgai Smith and his brother, Emmanuel Koryor-koryor Smith along with others who are said to be on the run are accused of selling land illegally to buyers and escaping to unknown locations, according to our source, their latest victim is President George Weah.

According to sources closed to this outlet, these illegal land sellers in their numbers usually in the habit of patrolling with dangerous weapons including AK47s, pistols, short guns and cutlasses brutalizing their victims whenever they are caught in their illegal act.

The arrest of the Smith brothers have brought relief to the residents of the area, but still calling on the police to do more arrest as dozens of others who reportedly are still at large and roaming the area at nights.

Speaking to the GNN yesterday, some residents of the area including James V. Peabody, McGee, Martin Page Abner Johnson, Comelius Smith, Eva-Mae Campbell, Gabriel Wureh, Rev. George McGee, Jr., and Kollie Davies explained their ordeals in the hands of those illegal land sellers whenever they are caught.

“I have been attacked on several occasions by these illegal land sellers, I am calling on the government to swiftly come to our rescue in order to save lives,” James V, Peabody speaking to the GNN warned.

Also explaining his ordeal, John W. McGee a resident of the area said, “Two of the illegal land sellers; Prince Berry, Robert Marshall, and another individual who called himself Mad Dog attacked him  with cutlasses and was beaten and forcibly pushed to the ground while on a tour of my property/land,” McGee told out staff in an interview. Those entire individuals who spoke to the GNN explained the same story on how they are being regularly harassed by those they called land criminals and terrorists.

During GNN’s early investigation into the illegal land selling in the Marshall area it was disclosed that the land in question was bought in 1952 by Ellen Jane Gibson Smith who then served as City Mayor Marshall when it was a territory, Mrs. Smith who put Willie Gbehn in charge of the land, the father of Moses Gbehn who is currently taking care of the land which is now call ‘Moses Village’ is in hidden due to threats on his life by some gangsters, and also illegal sellers of the land.

These illegal sellers who are residents of the area have been described as notorious criminals are Emmanuel Smith affectionately known as ‘Koryor Koryor’, William Smith also known as ‘Mongai’, Aaron Lewis and Reuben Davies all of them lives in Sundaygai Town.

According to our source, Emmanuel Smith and William Smith are the ringleaders of those who are always in the constant habit of harassing peaceful citizens with deadly weapons including cutlasses, AK47 Raffles grenades and other harmful weapons with the intent to kill anyone who comes their way obstructing their criminal activities.

Our source further named other members of the gangsters as Solomon Delibloh Cole, Dennis Sharah Johnson, George H. Gould; these three people live in Marshall City, while Abraham Dennis alias ‘Power’ live in Mobleh Town in Marshall, John Smith and Prince Berry both live outside Marshall.

These gangsters, according to our sources have over and over burnt down the village, because Moses Gbehn who was placed in charge of the land by Ellen Jane Gibson Smith was doing it for the ‘Congo people’ instead of the Bassa people, for this reason Gbehn life was in danger, a situation that compelled him to go in hidden for fear of his life.

In gratitude of Moses Gbehn’s commitment and honesty, he was awarded 1      5-acre of land by the Smith family. Emmanuel Smith or Koryor Koryor’s father lived with Winifred E. Johnson, the daughter of Ellen Jane Gibson Smith and mother of Philibert Brown in mid-1965, she got married to Joseph H. Johnson, according to our source, during Johnson’s wedding reception Emmanuel Smith got drunk and vomited on the wedding cake.

Emmanuel Smith lived with Beverly Gibson, the bother of Ellen Jane Gibson Smith, Ellen got marry to Abner Glay Smith, according to our source, that how Emmanuel and William got to be named Emmanuel Smith and William Smith both of them are always illegally selling land and in most cases beat up beat up people who obstruct them from carrying out their criminal activities, our source said.

The most recent victim of these guys who died from beating after his vehicle was damaged by them did not recover until his death is Milton Smith, a born son of the area, and who previously worked with Firestone.

Gabriel Wleh bought 27-acre of land from Abner Glay Johnson, the grandson of Ellen Jane Gibson Smith, our source said, Gabriel went to see his property when he was chased out of the land these same gangsters armed of deadly weapons including cutlasses, this incident was reported to the Ministry of Justice this gave rise for the police to launch a serious search for them.

According to our source, the police while in search of the criminals, one of them, Levi Keabeh was arrested by the police and is currently in prison on the charge of armed robbery.

“The Smith children sold 40-acre of land to one Harris, and Harris went on to sell it to President Weah, and later sold again to Lela Kennedy by these very gangsters, their complain was taken to the Commissioner who invited them for a conference, but did not show up,” our source in an exclusive interview explained.

As a result of this, the Land Commissioner decided to give back the land to Gabriel Wleh, but to the surprise, and then sold the land to President George Weah, following all of these discrepancies; Harris was summoned to the office of the President at the Executive Mansion.

According to Robert Williams, City Mayor of Marshall City who escorted Harris to the office of dthe President, said Harris told in no uncertain term that a careful and thorough investigation by the Land Commissioner and the National Archive it was proven beyond all reasonable doubts Deeds of Phillpbert Bowne and family was traced back to the old Republic and the claim to ownership of the land.

According to our source, during the investigation, Mr. Harris presented two mother deeds for the property, one of that was presented dated back in the 1800s and signed by Elijah Johnson, while the other deed was dated in 1904. The presentation of two deeds by Mr. Harris pondered everyone who was at the investigation.

“These deeds that were presented by Mr. Harris are all fake”, our source in a rather dismayed state of mind further questioned the sincerity of Mr. Harris and his cohorts.

President Weah’s intent for the Marshall  property is to build First Lady Clar Weah’s City of Hope, this dream of the President will go on unhindered, a source believed to be a closed confidant said.

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