Two Liberians arrested in the Ivory Coast in the wake of a citizens’ protest

(FARBRIC RADIO) – Security forces in neighboring Ivory Coast have reportedly arrested two Grand Gedeans, who are on a visit to that West African State.

A source in Zwedru says the Grand Gedeans were caught in the midst of a citizens’ protest in an area known as Guiglo.

Correspondent Lloyd Farley in Zwedru City tension is degenerating among citizens in the county over the recent incident and that family members of those arrested are calling on national government to immediately intervene.

FARBRIC News Correspondent Farley said two men arrested were among several Grand Gedeans who had traveled to the Ivory Coast for business.

Farley further explained that the protest sparked out as a result of a commercial motorcyclist involvement in a fist fight with an Ivorian security officer.

It’s reported that Grand Gedeans are panicking over the current status of tow men, who are currently being held in an Ivorian prison.

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