Two killed, five wounded as Nuer community sections clash in Khartoum

(Nyamilepedia) – Two people have been killed and five others wounded after fighting break out in Khartoum between two Nuer community sections, according to several sources who spoke to Nyamilepedia on Saturday.

One source said the fighting initially began between gangs popularly known as “Niggas” from two Nuer clans of Bul and Leek and later on instigated involvement from community members leading to a large-scale fighting that has killed the two people.

“There is fighting now. It was started between Niggas from Bul and Leek and now everyone has involved,” the source told the Nyamilepedia on the condition of anonymity.

“Two people have been killed as result. One died on the spot and the other one succumbed to wounds,” the source added.

Another source said the fighting has been calmed and members of Sudan’s Rapid Support Forces (RSF)has been deployed in Kalakla where the fighting started yesterday evening and that they are as well providing protection to the house of Tutkew Gatluak, South Sudan’s Presidential Advisor on Security.

He accused Tutkew who is also the head of South Sudan’s peace implementing body, National Pre-Transitional Committee (NPTC) of inciting Bul, against other communities he believes are against him.

“I can see there is involvement from South Sudan’s Presidential Adisor [on Security] Tutkew Gatluak. The RSF are protecting his house while the attackers are gathering there,” the source said, adding: “He is inciting the Bul community against anyone, against other communities he think are against him.”


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