Two Banks Seem Linked To ‘Money Laundering’ To Finance Terrorists

What is said to be some holding grounds for money laundering aimed at financing terrorism in the Country is currently being investigated by a team of Liberia’s investigative journalists including the  GNN-Liberia opting to know as to who are those banking institutions in the Country  that are been linked to this dangerous act.

According to information received with a detail follow-up by the team of investigative reporters, observed that two banking institutions have reportedly been allowed by individuals whose characters have been linked to money laundering and over the years have opened bogus Companies’ accounts as a breeding ground for such activities.

According to the investigation, their alleged clients (Financiers of terrorism) are said to be using Liberia as one of their hideouts by establishing fake companies under the semblance of doing businesses, but are usually change overnight when their objectives are noticed by security agencies.

Our investigative reporters are professionally doing all duel diligent to establish the facts surrounding those banks that are being used by these alleged money launderers and what are the objective those banks expected to be named in our subsequent  posting.

Accordingly, huge amount of United States Dollars are been deposited to these banks by these money launderers; the names of these banks and accounts of these money launderers are in the possession of the investigative team of journalists.

Detail will be released soon.

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