Turkish religious authority calls for ‘conquest’ sermon in support of military

Children pray for the victory of Turkish troops during Turkey’s military operation against Syria in Somuncu Baba religious complex in Malatya on Jan. 21, 2018. AA / Ayhan İşcen

Over 90,000 mosques around Turkey gave sermons on conquest and asked community to pray for the troops during Turkish military operation on Syria, Hürriyet newspaper reported.

Turkey’s religious authority on Friday called on all religious clerics in Turkish mosques, which are state employees, to read Quran’s chapter 48 on conquest (Al-Fath) and invited community to pray for Turkish soldiers.

Ali Erbaş, Director of Religious Affairs, said in a statement:

For the victory of the Afrin cross-border operation initiated by our heroic security forces against terrorist organisations which threatens our country and our peacefulness, the Surat Al-Fath will be read before, during and after morning prayers. We will also say our prayers for our army and our nation. I ask all our staff to perform the program in question.

Erbaş also joined the morning prayer in Ankara’s Hacı Bayram Mosque, Hürriyet said.

Source: www.ahvalnews.com

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