Trump’s disgraceful letter to Erdogan

Trump then proceeds by saying, “I have worked hard to solve some of your problems.” What has Trump worked so hard on with Erdogan when the two hardly ever see eye-to-eye?

By ALON BEN-MEIR | The Jerusalem Post |

US PRESIDENT Donald Trump talks to Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium in July.. (photo credit: REUTERS)

There is no wonder that every person and news outlet that saw US President Donald Trump’s letter to Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan thought it was a joke. When it was confirmed that the letter was indeed authentic, bewilderment and disbelief struck everyone who read it, as no US president has ever written such a disgraceful letter which will be remembered in infamy.

Trump starts the letter by stating, “Let’s work out a good deal!” Yes, a good deal, just like another shady real-estate transaction based on a wicked quid pro quo. Only a psychopath would forget that he gave Erdogan the green light to invade Syria to kill, destroy and pillage the same Syrian Kurds who were America’s most trusted allies in the fight against ISIS, and who suffered more than 10,000 casualties. Throughout the war they remained steadfast as an ally, believing the US would always watch their backs, but they were crushingly disappointed.

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