Trump to Media: You People Ask Biden Questions Meant For A Child

By Ian Schwartz |

L/R: Biden and President Trump

President Donald Trump admonished the media on Friday for asking Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden questions at a press conference meant for a child.

“Let me just tell you I watched the interview with Sleepy Joe Biden, and he didn’t ask questions,” Trump said Friday. “You didn’t ask questions like that. Read the questions. They were like meant for a child. Those questions were meant for a child. Smiles on faces of reporters, not like you and you. There were smiles on the reporters. What do you think? Take a look at those questions that they asked him.

They were not meant for a grown-up. They were meant for a child.””So, I just want to just tell you, I just want to tell you it’s a disgrace because you look at what I’ve done for the United States military,” Trump continued. “I love those people. I’ve gotten them pay raises when they didn’t get anything near what I’ve been able to do. And I’ve rebuilt — $2.5 trillion. I’ve rebuilt the United States military. Now we’re including Space Force. Nobody’s done more for them.”

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