Trump Denies Trade Talks with China Have Collapsed

VOA News File

U.S. President Donald Trump has denied that the trade talks with China have collapsed and characterized the trade tension between the world’s two largest economies as “a little squabble.”

“We have a dialogue going it will always continue,” Trump said in response to a question from VOA on the White House south lawn on Tuesday morning before boarding the Marine One helicopter. “We had a deal that was very close and they broke it.

Earlier, Trump said an agreement could be reached “when the time is right” but not unless Washington can narrow last year’s $419 billion trade deficit with Beijing.

“China buys MUCH less from us than we buy from them,” Trump said in one of a string of Twitter comments on the economic turmoil spawned by the tit-for-tat tariffs the world’s two biggest economies have imposed on each other’s exports.

Trump tweeted, “My respect and friendship with President Xi (Jinping) is unlimited but, as I have told him many times before, this must be a great deal for the United States or it just doesn’t make any sense. We have to be allowed to make up some of the tremendous ground we have lost to China on Trade….”

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