Tribal Conflict Erupts In Grand Gedeh County On ‘Missing’ NEC Employee

Tension is said to brewing between two tribes, the Niao and Konobo in Grand Gedeh County for the reported missing of an employee of the National Elections Commission (NEC), only identified as Mr. Alfred T. Dunner  who hailed from the Konobo tribe.

According to report, due to his continuous illness after visiting several medical hospitals without solution,this compelled him to seek traditional healing with a local herbalist in one of the villages in the County, where he was said to be recuperating but unfortunately disappeared one night, a situation that made the herbalist and others to raise an alarm.

As a result of the alleged mysterious missing of Dunner, tension  is said to being  mounted between both the people of Naio and Konobo, drawing from the backdrop that four years ago, similar incident took place when a citizen of Konobo mysteriously disappeared up to date this person has not been found.

According to GNN investigation, following the reported missing of the Konobo citizens in 2017, both tribes resolved to settle the matter amicably, but the issue of Mr. Dunner has raised serious concerns amongst the people of Konobo, demanding that his whereabouts be thoroughly investigated.

GNN investigation also find out that due to these situations, both tribes are said to be at loggerhead with each, demanding the outcome of their respective citizens who have reportedly gone missing.

Last night, May 5, 2022, both tribes abled body men begin to issue threats at each other in demand of the outcome of their missing citizens, this tension between the two made the compulsory deployment of armed police from the Liberia National Police (LNP) and soldiers of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) to avoid any further spreading of the tension.

According to report, gun firing was being heard overnight in both Konobo and Naio districts, a situation that has created fear into people, as many reportedly fleeing their respective towns and villages due to the seriousness of this conflict.

Effort to contact the Superintendent of the county, Kai Farley is underway, as information gathered indicated that he is to shortly meet with the family of the reported missing Alfred Dunner.

Investigation continues

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