Traditional Leaders In Grand Bassa Pledged Support To Weah’s Second Term Bid

As the upcoming Legislative and Presidential elections approach in October, the President of the Republic, Dr. George Manneh Weah, has received a remarkable show of support for his reelection bid from the people of Grand Bassa County, a densely populated province.

In a statement delivered to the President on Saturday, July 15, the elders, zoes (traditional leaders), and prominent figures of Bassa expressed their endorsement and solidarity with President Weah. They attributed their decision to their satisfaction with his demonstrated competence and passion in developing Liberia, stabilizing the economy, and fostering peace and stability over the past six years.

Prior to delivering the statement, the people of Bassa demonstrated their sincerity, integrity, and dedication by gathering in large numbers, filling every corner of Buchanan City. They showcased traditional rituals symbolizing their deep connection and loyalty to the President, who has ancestral ties to Bassaland.

During the gathering, traditional chiefs, religious leaders, women, and youth took the opportunity to express their appreciation and gratitude to the government and Dr. Weah for the significant developments that have taken place across the entire country, including Grand Bassa County.

“Mr. President, we have witnessed and observed your unwavering determination and commitment to reshape our country and county since you assumed office in 2018,” stated the Bassa citizens in their petition. They highlighted numerous projects implemented under the President’s leadership in each of the county’s five districts, initiatives that had been unprecedented in the county’s history.

The citizens also acknowledged the President’s decision to cover the WASSCE (West African Senior School Certificate Examination) fees for hundreds of thousands of twelfth graders nationwide, relieving parents of a heavy burden they had borne for years.

The people of Bassa expressed their unwavering belief and optimism that President Weah would continue to undertake impactful projects throughout the country during his second term.

In response to the petition, President Weah expressed his gratitude to the people of Bassa and accepted their endorsement for his second term bid. He reminded them that they had listened to his plea in 2017 and had overwhelmingly elected him, resulting in his victory that year.

“They came to you and said I knew nothing, but I want to tell you that I have accomplished something,” he stated, emphasizing that his opponents, who claimed to possess knowledge but failed to take action, were bitter and resentful due to the significant progress he had achieved.

President Weah expressed his confidence that the people of Bassa would once again reject the propaganda of his detractors and elect him, enabling him to accomplish even more during his second term.

He acknowledged that the people of Grand Bassa County had made no mistake in petitioning him, as Liberia had experienced the best of democracy under his leadership. He highlighted the absence of political prisoners during the past six years and the flourishing of freedom of expression under his administration.

President Weah expressed his appreciation to the young people of Bassa for registering to vote and urged them to seize the opportunity by voting out those who have failed to deliver on their promises and electing leaders who would drive progress and development in the nation.

Source: Dakpannah Twenty Four News

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