Traditional Leaders Backed Amb. Endee New Album Launch

Writes Francis Pelenah, Jr. |

Traditional Leaders under the auspices of the national Council of Chiefs and Elders of Liberia and the National Governors Council of Liberia have given their full backing to the pending ‘Prevenient Grace’ Album launch of Culture Ambassador Juli Endee.

The Head of the Traditional Council Chief Zanzar Karwor it is about time Traditional Leaders join Queen Juli Endee in order to ensure success of her program.

Chief Karwor said the Traditional Queen has given so much to her country in the promotion of peace and reconciliation, noting that it is now an opportunity for the people to join hands and support her latest initiative.

At the same time two other prominent Liberian Traditional women leaders have joined Chief Zanzar Karwor in endorsing the pending music album launch by Culture Ambassador Juli Endee.

The President of the National Governors Council of Liberia Musu Thompson and the National Coordinator of the Traditional Council Seta Fofana Saah described the initiative as a unifier for Liberia.

The two Leaders said they admired the fact that the Music launch is all about promoting peace and unity among Liberians and called on their members to support the initiative.

Governor Council President Madam Musu Thompson said Ambassador Endee has always stood for peace in Liberia, adding that it is about time the country rally support behind the Culture Ambassador.

She is meanwhile encouraging all of the 16 tribes that she represents as Governor Council President in Liberia to turn out across all the counties due to host the launching exercises.

Ambassador Endee is expected to start the launch of her Prevenient Grace Album Tour in Ganta Nimba County on Thursday January 31st.

The exercises will subsequently continue in the Provincial Capitals of Bong, Margibi, Grand Gedeh, Grand Bassa and Bomi Counties, with the Corporate Launch and the mass launch taking place in Monrovia in March this year.

During the tour in the Counties, there will be lighting of peace torch at border towns in promotion of peace and reconciliation.

There will also be awareness on sexual and gender based violence and HIV/AIDs. The team will educate people on culture, creative arts and capacity building for youth empowerment

Meanwhile the Liberia Crusaders for Peace in collaboration with the Queen Juli Endee Production will this Saturday launch the sale of the raffle tickets for events.

Tickets for the events will qualify participants for a major raffle draw that will feature winners from across the entire country.

Saturday’s event due to be held at the Liberia Crusaders for Peace Head Office on the Capitol Bye-Pass, will also be used to create awareness for the Prevenient Grace Album Launch.

The program will be live on Hot Fm 107.9 FM and Power FM 93.3 FM and will feature interviews with Ambassador Endee, hosts of DJs, Fans, Friens and other well-wishers.

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