Total Liberia Temporarily Shuts Bomi Operation

TUBMANBURG, June 17 (LINA) – The management of Total Liberia in Bomi County has temporarily shut down its operation due to “low customer service” in the county.

The operation of Total Liberia has been temporarily shut down since June 11, a source told the Liberia News Agency.

Some workers of Total Liberia told LINA that for some time now business has not been going well at the fuel and lubricant dealer, leaving the company to sustain losses.

He said the management of Total Liberia in Tubmanburg has removed all of their major equipment along with their only supermarket in the county.

Meanwhile, commercial drivers in Western Liberia have expressed serious concerns over the closure of Total in Bomi County.

“Total was helping us with lower prices of commodities and our city was lively, now they have temporarily shut down we will no longer enjoy their services,” they added.

Drivers said the presence of Total in Bomi brought competition to the market among the filling stations in the county.

When contacted, Bomi County Superintendent Adama Robinson said his office is going to meet with officials of Total Liberia in Monrovia to explore possibility of the company returning to the county.

Total Liberia is a French-owned company scattered across Liberia, and provided services to over 100,000 Liberians from Gbarpolu and Bomi counties.

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