Tories lose more than 1,300 seats in local election capitulation

Theresa May said she expected a difficult time in the elections for the Tories (PA)

The Conservative party has lost more than 1,300 seats in the local elections, marking its worst performance in more than 20 years.

Theresa May said she had expected a tough time for her party, however the losses far surpassed prior predictions of an 800 seat decrease.

Even with gains the Tories were down by a net figure of more than 1,000, with the worst set of results for the Conservatives since John Major lost more than 2,000 seats in 1995.

As the 248 areas returned their verdicts both major parties saw major loses, with Labour also suffering more than 80 losses.

Both party leaders suggested Brexit was behind their respective performances and Tory sources in one area said defeats were due to the “revenge of Brexit”.

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