Three Rockets Hit US Consular Office In Iraq

A general view of the U.S. Embassy at the Green Zone in Baghdad, Iraq January 7, 2020.
(Photo: REUTERS/Stringer/No resale/Archives)

Three rockets struck the US consulate in Baghdad on Sunday, AFP News reported, in the first attack after months of rising tensions as thousands kept up anti-government protests across Iraq.

A US official confirmed to CNN that at least one of the missiles hit a dining area in the embassy compound. One person was wounded in the attack that no one had yet officially owned up to.

Based on multiple reports, four rockets had made a direct hit on the US Green Zone in Baghdad. Iraqi independent news site Alsumaria News, citing an unnamed insider, disclosed three people suffered light injuries from the attack.

Helicopters were seen hovering the capital where it evacuated some personnel from inside the US consulate, the source said.

The rocket attack signified a deeper escalation in the series of missile attacks in the last few weeks that have targeted US military installations or embassies in Iraq where American combat facilities and servicemen are deployed.

Although no country had officially acknowledged the attack, the US has repeatedly pointed its fingers at Iran and its armed military wings operating in its neighbor, Iraq.

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